Competition Swimwear

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You'll find top branded competition swimwear for men, women and children all under one virtual roof here at Simply Swim. Our men's racing swimwear range includes jammers, swim shorts and tights by Arena, Speedo, Maru, Tyr and Diana. These jammers are designed using the most innovative technologies and are made specifically for competitive swimmers. These brands have put their years of expertise into making swimwear that combines comfort with reduced drag and maximum compression to reduce vibration, improve circulation and limit recovery time.

Our competition swimwear for women gives you plenty of choice. We stock top branded kneesuits and swimming costumes by Speedo, Arena, Maru, Tyr and Diana. If you're looking for women's racing swimwear, you'll find a broad range of styles which give you maximum compression and a streamlined shape for training and racing. The lightweight, FINA approved Speedo LZR range is perfectly engineered for racing and training and fits like a second skin and the Arena Carbon Series will give a wide range of racing suits that dependant on your race and style to offer comfort compression and confidence. Our other top swimwear brands have also designed high performance swimsuits and kneesuits that are designed specifically for competition swimming.

You can kit the whole family out in competitive swimwear, too. The Speedo LZR range for boys and girls are made for racing and training using the latest fabric technology to give a great performance whilst feeling great in the water. We stock competition swimwear that's highly durable and chlorine resistant, so you can get plenty of training and racing out of it. If you're looking for swimwear that works with you to improve your performance in the water, gives maximum compression and is lightweight and quick drying, there are plenty of styles by all the leading brands to choose from, depending on your personal requirements and budget. We've provided detailed product descriptions, videos and large, clear images to help you make an informed choice.

Our unbiased competition swimwear reviews from fellow competitive swimmers are a useful tool in helping you decide which swimsuit is right for your training and racing needs.

Competition Swimwear
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