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Every athlete dreams of being the best. Of pushing their limits. Passing their competitors. Going beyond their expectations. Speedo’s mission is simple; to push the boundaries of innovation and develop world leading products that enable elite swimmers to realise their full potential. This is why Team Speedo athletes are at the heart of everything they do and the reasoning behind the creation of Speedo Fastskin 3.

Since the first iteration of Fastskin, Speedo have been consulting with hydrodynamics experts, optical engineers, swim physiologists and professional coaches to make the next versions of Fastskin as good as they can possibly be.

The result is Fastskin 3, designed to become the most revolutionary swimming technology ever. With unique muscle zones and body compression system which is designed to help the athlete feel as one with the water. It has a system called the body stability web which is crucial to performance. The body stability web is a network of bonded seams and panels offering precision support and greater stability in the water which enhances your starts and turns whilst helping to deliver gains with each and every stroke.

For optimum performance, purchase the product trilogy of Super Elite Suit, Cap and Goggles which gives you a complete Fastskin 3 system to give 11% improved Oxygen Economy, 5.2% reduction in Active Drag, up to 3% improvement in starts and up to 16.6% reduction in passive drag.

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Speedo Fastskin 3 Sizing Guide

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Womens Speedo Fastskin 3 SuitSpeedo Fastskin 3 Suit

The Speedo Fastskin 3 Super Elite suit includes a variety of technologies to make it as effective in the water as possible. Here are some of the features.

3D Zoned Compression - This revolutionary fabric is exclusive to Speedo Fastskin 3 and is designed to compress the athlete's body in key areas to create the optimum shape for swimming. It also helps with each kick and stroke ensuring the athlete keeps a good form. The fabric itself is also very slippery helping to reduce drag.

C6 Water Repellency Technology - The Super Elite suit is treated with the C6 water repellency technology, this technology reduces the amount of water the suit can absorb and thus eliminates additional weight in the water.

Body Stability Web - This web is basically a framework of bonded and sewn seams and panels which provides body support where you need it and promotes a neutral swimming position whilst returning energy used on starts and turns.

Power Seams - The suits use power seams which are ultrasonically welded seams to reduce drag and increase suit strength.

IQ Fit Waistband - The Mens Speedo Fastskin 3 Super Elite jammers feature an IQ fit waistband which features a 'snap back' band which eliminates the need for a drawstring ensuring a flatter more streamlined profile and thus reduces drag.

Armhole Entry - The Female Speedo Fastskin 3 Super Elite Closed Back Kneeskin features a unique armhole entry system which makes getting into the suit as easy as possible whilst maintaining the best possible fit.

Hydro K-Zone 3D Fabric - This fabric is used on areas of the suit that need have high compression properties. It also features reduced drag over conventional fabrics.

Pulse-Flex Fabric - This fabric is used on the areas of the suit that need to be very flexible (like the shoulders). This stretches only in one direction thus allowing movement but doesn't stretch in the other direction which keeps the athletes profile correct.

Speedo Fastskin 3 CapSpeedo Fastskin 3 Cap

The Speedo Fastskin 3 cap has been created based on 3D head scan data. It features the same IQ Fit as the suit which helps to reduce body drag by up to 3.4% whilst being comfy and having improved fit at the same time.

For swimmers with long hair you can also purchase Speedo's hair management system which is a bonded fabric cap which goes under the Fastskin 3 cap.

This holds hair in and around the gap at the curve of the neck which actually improves the swimmer's profile and reduces drag even further.

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Speedo Fastskin 3 GogglesSpeedo Fastskin 3 Goggles

The Speedo Fastskin 3 goggles have the same IQ fit features as the suit and the cap, Speedo used 3D head scanning data to make goggles which offer improved fit, leak resistance and comfort. The new design of these goggles has produced a goggle which reduces drag more than any other goggle available on the market.

The goggles feature a new technology known as dive stream which is designed to protect the eye during dives and turns. These goggles offer a 63.4% force reduction compared to a Speedo Aquasocket goggle which isn't bad itself.

The goggles feature a hydroscopic lens which is a unique lens shape to Speedo which gives a 180 degree of vision. They also feature a selection of nose bridges so you can get the best fit for you.

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