Swimming aids for children

When children are learning to swim there are some fantastic aids available to help them to develop their swimming skills and confidence in the water. But there are so many different types of swimming aids to choose from, how do you know which is best suited to your child and their needs? Here we take a look at the different types of swimming aids to help boost your child’s confidence in the water.

Armbands are a tried and tested swimming aid for children as it has been around for many years. Swimming armbands are designed for toddlers and children by helping to keep them more buoyant in the water. These work by inflating the chambers with air and rolled onto the upper arms of your child. Armbands come in all different bright colours and fun designs to make wearing them a lot more interesting. Click here to see out full range of armbands.

Swim Rings (also known as rubber rings) are so much fun for young children to develop their confidence in the water. The classic style swim rings are ideal for children of up to 3 years of age and are so fun for splashing in the water. If you struggle to get your child into the water, then why not hold the ring in the water and get them to try to jump through the middle? This will distract them from the thought of cold water! Click here to see our range of swimming rings.

Swim seats are designed for introducing your baby to the water by holding them inside a rubber ring with seat in the bottom. You can use these with your baby at any age up to 2 years old depending on which size you go for which means they can splash and kick their legs about in the water until their heart is content! Click here to see the swim seats available here.

A back float is a simple and easy to use swimming float which straps round onto the back of your child so they can help to practice their swimming strokes and basic skills with a little more buoyancy than they would have originally. Most back floats features 3-4 layers of foam which are removable so you can remove a layer at a time as their confidence grows, maybe without them even knowing!

Floatsuits and baby wraps are small jackets, quite often with built in pants to help keep your child warm in the water whilst adding a little buoyancy. The fabrics used are soft and insulating and are designed to be worn by children between the approximate ages of 2 to 6 years. Some floatsuits have unique features such as removable foam, inflatable pouches or UV protection if wearing them in the sun or at the beach.

Kick boards are great for young children who are starting out in their swimming lessons and looking to develop their swimming skills, mostly their leg kick. Leg kick can be quite a challenge for children as it requires a lot of concentration and coordination. Using a kick board can help to balance them in the water and allow them to focus on their leg kick without the need to think about arm pulls and breathing patterns. When they have mastered their leg kick you can start to add in some arm pulls by holding the float with one arm and using the other arm to pull. Alternately swimming floats are brilliant for developing confidence in children as they can be used in so many different ways and act as a support in the water.

Woggles are fantastic for children to start swimming with and are so flexible to use! A long, spaghetti like piece of foam means they can be used for all kinds of water fun and are buoyant in the water too so can add some support for your child. Although relatively new to the swimming scene, woggles can be seen in pretty much all swimming lessons now as they are fun and confidence building for children to use. Looking for one to play with in your spare time? Then woggles are great for holding between legs and having jumping races or wrapping round your body and relaxing in the water. There are plenty of different colours to choose from too!

With all swimming aids, it is important to note that none of the equipment above is designed to be used as a lifesaving device and should always be used under adult supervision.