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Swimming is not all about the swimwear that you put on. Swimming accessories and equipment can make all the difference to a competition swimmer’s performance. For occasional pool goers, who just do a few lengths to burn off some excess calories, swimming equipment can also be surprisingly useful. Whether you are looking for something to enhance your abilities in the water, or something to help you learn, then there will be a product for you that does the job.

Kids need to get confident in the water and if you have sent yours for swimming lessons in the pool, you’ll know how easy it is for their stuff to get mixed up. If that is an issue for you, then check out the wide range of swimming bags that are available. There are plenty of branded mesh bags - from the likes of Speedo and Finis - to choose from. Not only do these bags ensure that your kids’ swimming kit does not get messed up or lost, they are also exceptionally quick drying. Adults would to well to look at them, too. A mesh bag allows the contents to breathe so this is a real bonus if you go swimming during your lunch break and it is several hours before you can remove the contents to dry it properly. Younger children will like the swim bags that are specifically designed for them, such as the ‘Sea Squad’ backpack or drawstring bag. And there are plenty of adult-sized backpacks available to select from as well.

Once you have the perfect bag to take to the pool for lessons or training, it is time to select a really good towel. Bath towels just don’t stand up to regular use at a pool and often chlorine exposure can mean they get worse over time. Adults who are in and out of the pool regularly will be drawn to the quick drying properties of a sports towel from the likes of Speedo or Arena. Poncho-style towels are a great idea if you are taking little ones to the pool with you as it will keep them warm after showering before you get changed. You can find these by big name brands like Zoggs.

If you are going to the pool to improve your swimming performance, perhaps because you are in training for a race or a triathlon, then check out the wide range of aids. Training aids are not for learning to swim but help you to improve you technique in the water. Try some aqua gloves, for example, which help to build your upper body strength and make a surprising difference to you times when you remove them in competition.

For learner swimmers there is a good range of armbands – some co-branded with things kids will identify with, such as Peppa Pig. There are also toddler flotation aids and swim seats, so even the very youngest can enjoy the pool. For experienced swimmers, we also stock a great range of goggles and swim caps which are suited to both outdoor and pool use.