Swimming Training Aids Advice

What are training aids?

Training aids are items of swimming equipment designed for established swimmers to increase the levels of their training. There are many different types of training aids which all focus on different areas of your body so are perfect for isolated workouts of certain muscle groups or to increase your stamina in the water.

Who are they designed for?

Most training aids are not recommended for children as damage can be done to their developing muscles and can cause more harm than good so are recommended for teenagers and adults. If you are looking for a children’s swimming aid then why not take a look at our learn to swim department or swimming aids advice page?

Children can used items such as kick boards in order to develop their swimming skills, such as leg kick timing and introducing arm pulls to their swimming lessons.

Drag Shorts

Drag Shorts are a fantastic training aid for swimmers who are looking to increase their upper body strength and also their stamina in the water. They work by having 2 layers of mesh which causes a drag in the water making it harder to swim due to the extra resistance and so ensure your muscles work that bit harder. There are so many different designs and patterns to choose from as well as reversible options and they are unisex for both men and women too. So simply slip them on over the top of your usual swimwear to start increasing the intensity of your training. Click here to see our drag shorts department.

Hand Paddles

We have a whole page dedicated to hand paddles. Click here to view our hand paddle advice page.

Kick Boards

Kick boards are a foam boards which are great for all levels of swimmer to use as they have multiple benefits such as:

  • Isolated leg workouts for building strength
  • Allowing you to focus solely on leg kick and not have the worry of breathing patterns or arm pull. A lot of swimmers tend to drag their legs behind whilst swimming rather than using them to their full potential
  • Added buoyancy in the water through the foam material to add support so add confidence to beginners
  • They keep your face out of the water, so swimmers who hate putting their face under can swim without needing to do so
  • Injured an area in your upper body? Using a kickboard allows you to continue being in the water whilst still working out
  • They can be used to rest your arms after a tough upper body workout

Pull Buoys

Pull buoys are a small piece of foam which come in two different designs, a figure 8 design and 2 piece design. The 2 piece design is literally 2 pieces of foam held together by a rubber band or elastic cord. Neither designs are better than the other, it is purely down to personal preference however the figure 8 is most commonly used as it is more comfortable to use.

Pull buoys are a must have part of a competitive swimmers training equipment as they give an isolated workout to the upper part of the body and the muscle groups most required in swimming. Pull buoys support your body in the water by lifting the legs towards the surface and so give you a more streamlined position through the water. By having this perfect streamlined position you can give more of your attention to areas that you are lacking in, for example concentrating on your breathing pattern or correcting your head position.

Want to check out our fantastic range of pull buoys to add to your swimming training equipment? Then click here to see our pull buoy range.

Training Fins

Training fins are training aids worn on your feet which can improve your lower body strength, core strength, ankle flexibility and help you to train at a faster pace and so are essential for performance swimmers and those swimming competitively.

Training fins come in hundreds of different styles and options, so it is no surprise you may need some advice when deciding which swimming fins to go for! There are 4 different options to choose from, these are:

  1. Long Fins
  2. Split fins
  3. Mono fins
  4. Short Fins

Long fins are the least recommended style for swimmers as they require slow, long movements and are best suited to scuba divers and those who enjoy snorkelling. If you are primarily looking at improving your ankle flexibility then these are a great choice as they require good flexibility in your ankle to be able to move successfully through the water.

Split fins usually come in the longer length of fins, however now they can be seen in many short styles as they make each kick more efficient and require less effort to gain distance through the water.

Monofins are a single bladed fin which join your feet together so when you swim you feel as if you have a mermaid tail. They are brilliant fun for young children and come in some cool designs too, such as a shark or mermaid design. For adults looking to work on their butterfly kick, lower body muscles and core muscles using a monofin is a really tough workout and you will quickly feel the results.

Short fins are the most commonly used swimming fin as they are the best suited to swimming training and feel much more natural through the water so you can work your stroke without feeling the need to change it at all.

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