X-1 Waterproof Audio

X-1 Audio is a company based in San Diego California that create high-performance waterproof/sweatproof music accessories such as headphones, cases and more.

Originally X-1 Audio aimed to bring music to scuba divers and so began their early designs. In 2007 they began to target the world of swimmers and other water sports and so have changed swimming experiences everywhere.

Today, X-1 Audio work with top athletes to develop their products and help swimmers, surfers and divers train with the aid of music.

The products by X-1 Audio are not just limited to 1 or 2 featureless music players just because your sport is based in water. They offer a solution to nearly all MP3 Players or Smartphone on the market today. This does not just mean a case to protect your electron item, but something that functions really well and gives you access to your favourite music no matter where you are.

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The Amphibx range provides a fully integrated, wearable water sports music solutions. Specialist materials and a unique shape are used to provide you with the most comfortable grip around your arm whilst you're swimming, canoeing or just chilling at the beach.

Some of the features of the Amphibx are:

  • LatchTight Locking Closure
  • ClearTouch Window
  • SealTight Connector
  • Dual Flex Rings
  • Designed To Float
  • Fits Most Phones & Ipods

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SurgeSurge Headphones

Surge is a range of 100% waterproof headphones by X-1 Audio that will give you excellent sound and fit. They can be used in the pool up to 3.6m underwater or even when outdoors and the weather is hot and dry. They have an aerodynamic design to reduce resistance in the water and a hassle free fit. Surge headphones come in a number of colours, many different styles and also come with 5 different earplug for a personalised fit - something for everyone with these.

Some of the features of the Surge headphones are:

  • Waterproof to 12ft/3.6m
  • Acoustically engineered
  • Ergonomically designed earplugs
  • MotionFlex strain relief Connector
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The Interval is a 100% waterproof headphone system that can be submerged in up to 3.6m of water. It is suitable for use with the 4th generation Ipod Shuffle and is compatible for use with nearly any swim goggle. Just because you are in the water does not mean you shouldn’t have superior sound and so X-1 Audio have featured an improved Bass Amplified Sound and there is also volume control.

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The Flex range features 100% waterproof/sweatproof headphones that come with 3 different sizes of ear plugs for a customised fit. By having a tailored fit your earphones will stay put and also give you much better sound in or out of the water. They come in a number of colours so there will be something for everyone.

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