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Triathlon Swimming Gear

The competitive events of triathlons are becoming increasingly popular among participants in Great Britain. Triathlons have gained lots more interest since the 2012 Olympics, when the Brownlee brothers inspired the nation in what was, up to then, a less well known sport. Nevertheless, triathlon events were being taken up by many individuals in the UK before that time, although the boost given to the sport by the London Summer Games cannot be denied. Triathletes are required to show good abilities with swimming, cycling and running. Events are seldom held with the disciplines in any other order and, because competitors start off in the water, one of the most important parts of any event is the transition between swimming and cycling. Saving time changing from the swimming stage to mounting the bike can make all the difference to the overall finishing place of a competitor. Therefore, getting to the first transition as soon as possible - before all the other competitors arrive - can be the key to finishing among the race leaders.

As such, focusing on your ability to get ahead in the water, or at least improve your swim times, will have a knock on effect at the end of the race. Conventional swimming kit will slow you down in the water, compared to specialist racing gear. To get the best chance of reaching the first transition ahead of the field it is worthwhile investing in specialist triathlon equipment that is designed for either pool or open water use, depending on the sort of race you are going to enter.

Triathlon swimwear, for both men and women, is more than a simple swimsuit. It should firstly keep you warm in the water so that your muscles remain responsive when you need them most. Cold swimmers, no matter how fit they are, will naturally slowdown in the water. Open water events, in particular, require warmth giving swimwear that can be relied upon. If you are to swim in the sea, then check out the swimwear which is designed to be salt resistant, as well as shutting out the cold.

Once you have selected the right sort of swimwear, depending on the event you are entering, it is time to select the right sort of swim cap. Specialist swim caps, that are designed specifically for triathletes, are easy to remove when you get to the cycling transition area. They not only keep you hair out of the water, helping to reduce body drag and wasted effort, but they keep you hair and scalp dry. This will make a noticeable difference once you have mounted your bicycle and racing – when you are likely to notice the wind chill factor greatly, especially if your hair is wet.

Triathlons are about participation and not everyone is trying to win their event. Nonetheless, most people who do the sport want to improve their performance so training aids for triathletes is another essential group of products worth checking out. Swimming aids may not be used in competitions, but their use – when training - can make all the difference when it comes to race day.