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Blueseventy are a leader in the triathlon industry and have spent many years developing and improving triathlon wetsuits, tri suits and triathlon accessories. If you are serious about open water swimming, blueseventy produce open water swimwear that allows you to aim higher in every performance. Their attention to detail means everything to their small team who stay focused on their ambition of making the ultimate champion wetsuits and swimsuits. Founded in 1993 their first products were neoprene bike seat covers, until an epiphany came and they dove into the world of original triathlon wetsuits. Ideas grew as did sales and in 2005 blueseventy was officially created as a brand.

Based in New Zealand, blueseventy take their name from the fact that 70% of the earth is covered in water and water is their business, testing, refining and crafting wet suits and swim skins, swimwear and accessories for every level of skill from world-class athletes to beginners. They have thought of everything; analysing stroke rates, collar heights, upper body restrictions, centre of buoyancy and the list goes on. Blueseventy have not missed a stroke. If you are a professional triathlete this brand knows about your need for comfort, freedom from restriction and competitive advantage; their suits have gone to the Beijing and London Olympics and have been worn by world champions.

For ladies, check out their Femme Fit range that is made for women by women, because it takes a woman to understand another woman's needs. Blueseventy even take the time to cater to all female sizes so that curvier women are not left feeling uncomfortable.

Blueseventy wetsuits use the top quality Yamamoto Neoprene to provide buoyancy and flexibility for both men and women and their tri clothing is made with compression fit, UV protection fabrics and Coldblack Technology that reflects infrared heat to keep you cool. Their line of colourful, fashionable swimwear made with custom milled Darwin fabric, provides durability and better compression than standard polyester.

Blueseventy do not drown you in pseudo-science and facts and figures, they just want you to feel reassured that they have thought over every millisecond of your every swim stroke so that you don't have to.

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