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Bodyglide technically advanced anti-chafe balms are a revolutionary comfort provider preventing chafing for all those active sports people who suffer from skin irritation during and after sporting activities. Stopping the pain before it starts, it is an easy to apply, natural barrier to protect your skin, perfect for triathletes, swimmers, surfers and so many other sports.

From plant-derived ingredients, Bodyglide is an invisible, non-greasy balm to stop irritation. They do not use cheap jellies or animal products; it is all natural and used by all types of active people from sportsmen to the military and kids. Giving you confidence, they can be used in all weather conditions, so you can focus on your performance while the protective balm does the work of preventing the need for first aid, downtime and inactivity.

Beginning in 1996, Bodyglide was created by a surfer having trouble with their wetsuits. Experiencing painful chafing in the neck and body area, he needed a better option than Petroleum jelly which ruined wetsuits. Two years later, Bodyglide had gone global and today it is used in every continent in the world and is still as revolutionary now as it was back when it was first conceived in Los Angeles.

Do not get irritated when you are working your hardest in the swimming pool. Bodyglide works as hard as you do, with great long-lasting endurance that will make you go further without slowing you down. Keep safe and comfortable in your swimwear with Simply Swim's range of Bodyglide anti-chafe balm.

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