Cressi Kids Swimming Goggles

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Coming from a world where water reaches the deepest, darkest depths, Cressi are one of the most passionate companies in the scuba diving world, making life saving equipment for the most unpredictable places on Earth for divers. With their experience in water, you can be sure their range of children's swim goggles will be safe and reliable. Founded in 1946, they were one of the first to produce diving masks. Luckily for swimmers they have brought their technology to the world of competitive and leisure swimming. The family run company proudly create from their Italian based factory where their products are developed and made. They have the highest quality standards and are always making new, original equipment.

Their goggles are tough, made from extra soft, flexible silicone with a scratch resistant coating and an indestructible adjustable buckle to loosen and tighten the strap. Cressi offer designs for leisure goggles and masks. If your child is an occasional swimmer then their smaller, traditional goggle design is perfect for such things as swimming lessons or parties. Cressi's goggle masks are a combination of a standard goggle and scuba mask, bringing comfort and a great seal on the swimmers face avoiding leakage. Masks are perfect for outdoor swimming and water sports.

Cressi goggles are strong and reliable, great for kids just starting out, looking for their first pair. They are anti fog and anti shatter with an elastic element for perfect fit which will keep your goggles in place while competing in water sports, swim or triathlon. They have excellent sealing and UV protection to keep little eyes out of danger.

Cressi Kids Swimming Goggles are made to be in water. They have a variety of colours for boys and girls in addition to different lens tints, great for swimming inside and out. Check our advice page on choosing your perfect goggle and how lenses interact with your surroundings.

Cressi Kids Swimming Goggles
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