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Diana Sport is an Italian swimwear design and manufacturing company with an innovative approach to swimwear and a firm belief in technological research. During its sixty-five year history, the company has been and is a leading supplier to many international swimming and water polo federations in Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Poland, the United States of America, and the Ukraine. Many famous swimmers have worn Diana swimwear and thanks to its and the athletes' performance, over four hundred medals have been won at international events.

In August 2013 Diana presented their new collections for summer 2014 (and their Refill 2013 campaign), offering an attractive new range of swimwear and accessories. We are pleased to offer an exciting selection including ladies' swimsuits available in both classic and highly fashionable designs. These look as good in the pool as they do at the beach. We also have some great-looking men's briefs, trunks, aqua shorts and jammers in a number of cuts, colours and design choices.

The company is based in Merate (near Milan) in the north of Italy and was founded in 1947. They describe themselves as always having stood for the very high quality of their product range, ever since their beginnings. They mention their innovative approach and the detailed research into materials and styles, with their research and development laboratory continually working on developing new projects. The company also aims to make the most of new technologies in the best possible way for leisure and competition swimmers alike - for the entire swimming world.

Diana's company laboratory has created several innovations including 'Space' (in 1986), this being the forerunner of the 'Submarine' competition suit range. From its initial introduction, this suit has been characterized by innovation and technological research. Further development of advanced swimsuits has continued, progressing quickly thanks to the help of swimmers and their feedback and recommendations. This feedback is used in the further development, refinement and testing of superior products, for example the super slick ladies suit material which also provides muscle compression for an advantage in performance.

In November 2012 Diana launched an advanced new competition swimsuit named Submarine TF2. For the first time, this TF2 suit uses an advanced water repellent fabric with a unique treatment of nano-ceramic particles. This cutting edge technology and special manufacturing process reduces in-water friction by 9% compared to (for example) plasma Teflon, a material which has been used in other products especially in recent years as swimwear has developed. Also, these special tiny particles provide the fabric with increased stability and strength, extending its performance and life. The fabric is lightweight (only 125 grams per square metre), a recent swimwear trend made possible only recently by improved technology. The TF2 suit is manufactured with advanced systems that use elastic bonding tape and special heat-sealing techniques to create garments that allow extensive control of the centre of gravity during swimming, maximum compression, a great fit and above all, comfort and freedom of movement.

Diana Swimwear
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