Fashy Swimming Products

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Fashy manufacture a variety of swimwear and accessories including goggles, swimming training aids and pool shoes. They also make a range of chic ladies' swimming caps with an appealing retro look and available in plain, bubble, flower or petal and ornamental finishes - and a range of feel-good colours. As the company's promotional text mentions, Fashy swimwear is "guaranteed to attract" and "perfectly accentuates your good points".

Select your favourite from a range of bright fresh designs for just the right look whether you are at the pool or on the beach. Enjoy the sea, sun and sand with Fashy accessories - turn heads with up-to-date trends in easygoing styles, or opt for a touch of elegance and flair.

For fun in the water, our selection of Fashy products includes some great accessories to liven up your swim or water aerobics. Aqua-fitness is much more fun with a pair of neoprene gloves - webbed to offer greater water resistance and ideal for an upper body workout. Use them to gently tone up your arm and chest muscles.

To take good care of your feet and offer excellent support and fit, the soft elastic shoes or neoprene aqua swimming shoes are ideal for pool or beach use. There is also a great range of pool shoes in different colours, with anti-bacterial properties and non-slip soles for safety.

Fashy's pool accessories help young children learn to swim. Check out the swimming disc floats for youngsters to wear - gradually reducing the number of discs on each arm as the child progressively gains more water confidence. See the swimming belt too - suitable for children between three and six years of age and adjustable with a secure safety clip.

Young and young-at-heart water lovers alike will adore Fashy swimwear and accessories from Simply Swim!

Fashy Swimming Products
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