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Finis manufactures high quality swimming equipment that in the company's words aims to "help swimmers swim better". Whether you swim for fitness, for competition or for life, their products are designed to improve performance.

The Finis range includes pool fins, paddles, monofins, floats, goggles and kickboards as well as the innovative Swimsence Performance Monitor. Revolutionary products include swimmers' snorkels with dry valves to prevent water ingress, and the SwiMP3 media player which allows the swimmer to listen to digital audio using sound conduction principles. Pioneering fins apply leading-edge manufacturing technology along with aqua dynamics and the latest understanding of muscle usage while swimming. To increase the intensity of your swimming training, see the swim parachutes which provide extra drag in the water. Finally, our Simply Swim selection also includes a practical Finis mesh gear bag.

The Finis mission statement is "to motivate every person in the world to swim better, swim often, and train smarter". Passionate about innovation and introducing new products to the swimming world, the company is based in California and started in 1993. Nowadays the Finis brand can often in use by fitness and competitive swimmers alike - not to mention triathletes and Olympic swimmers.

Research and dedication to design are key to the Finis ethos; the company describes itself as paving the way in technical development. Given its relatively recent start just over twenty years ago, it aims to grow larger and become more visible worldwide. Their company name comes from a Latin word meaning 'the end' or 'grand finale' - representing the discovery and development of new swimming products to help athletes reach the finish line. For the company, it also refers to their first product (a monofin which quickly became very popular in water polo teams) and how swimmers train hard to improve their stroke.

Finis Swim Products
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