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Funky Trunks design original style chlorine resistant swimming trunks in vibrant colours and prints to give individuality to the male swimmer. These wonderful looking swimming trunks are ideal for the performance swimmer and leisure swimmer who likes individuality rather than looking the same as everyone else and who prefers the comfort and functionality of tight swim shorts rather than loose watershorts.

If you are looking for swimming trunks that will make you stand out at the beach or the pool then our range of swimming trunks from Funky Trunks could be the answer. Launched 10 years ago in Australia, Funky Trunks has revolutionised the design of men's' swimwear with a blend of unique prints and colours.

Our range of Funky Trunks swimwear includes classic style trunks for men in a mixture of vibrant prints including a honeycomb print which comes in shades of blue or green. The classic trunks offer chlorine resistance which makes them ideal for the regular swimmer who wants to be noticed.

Swimmers that prefer a little more coverage may want to consider purchasing one of the training jammers. These reach to mid thigh and come in plain colours of black or blue. Eye catching flashes of contrasting prints reach down the side of each leg and ensure that the jammers really stand out in a crowd. There is also a high level of chlorine resistance and elasticity to ensure that the jammers will retain their shape and colour throughout repeated wears. Another useful feature is that the jammers also offer 50 + UV protection which makes them the perfect choice for summer days at the beach.

Our range of Funky Trunks swimwear also includes classic trunks and jammers in boy's sizes. They feature the same vital colours and energizing prints that you would expect from Funky Trunks. They also provide a high level of performance with exceptional chlorine resistance, elasticity and UV protection.

When you choose an item of swimwear from Funky Trunks you are guaranteed to stand out as an individual and your swimwear will ensure that you look good out of the water while also providing you with a comfortable and secure swim in the water.

Funky Trunks Swimwear
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