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Garmin is a leader in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and an innovator in consumer electronics. They serve both the aviation and consumer markets. Garmin products are used in flying, boating, driving, hiking and many other activities. They are customer focused and committed to producing quality products that improve people's everyday lives. Garmin's vision is to be the global leader in every market they serve and they place a lot of emphasis on honesty, integrity, customer service and outstanding performance.

If you are an open water swimmer or triathlete you will be pleased to know that they produce GPS watches that are waterproof and can track and monitor your activity when swimming in open water. This is a feature missing from most swim watches that can only be used in indoor swimming pools. These Garmin GPS watches are great training tools for open water swimmers and triathletes as they monitor and differentiate between different sports activities, meaning your swim, cycle and run phases, plus your transition times, will all be recorded. Certain models have heart rate monitors for advanced data collection.

Garmin's user friendly products are designed with superior quality, design and service and have innovative features that will delight outdoor enthusiasts who like to monitor and view their progress in their given sport. Their global positioning products enable you to focus on your technique and enjoy your activity without worrying about your lap count, or that you might be lost when out on the trail!

The worldwide community of Garmin product users can be part of Garmin Connect, an online community that track, explore and share their activities online and inspire each other onto bigger and better things. All in all, Garmin produce quality GPS products to inspire, amongst others, sportsmen who want to improve their performance.

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