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From competition and training, fitness and leisure Maru's new swimwear collection combines technical innovation with inspired design. Complete with the latest high performance fabrics and styles fit tested on multiple body shapes and featuring swimming technologies to improve performance and longevity of the swimming costumes and swim suits.

Maru is a swimwear brand that has some pedigree among racers and a history of developing swimming technologies. Their swimsuits are stylish as well as being utterly practical in the pool. Although their swimwear ranges - for men, women and children - are designed for longevity and swimming performance, they always display a certain awareness of fashion and poolside trends. Maru, therefore, makes for the perfect choice for those pool-goers who want functional swimwear that is both stylish and of a high-quality. Each of the collections offered by Maru is designed with the end user in mind. Whether you are a professional competitor or just swim for fun from time to time, then it is likely that Maru will have a product that will do the job for you.

Maru's latest swimming costumes, jammers and trunks combine technical innovation with inspired water-based design. This is no less evident in their products that are designed for less serious swimmers, perhaps those who simply use the pool to work off a few extra calories, as it is in their performance ranges. All of their swimwear is manufactured to an exceptionally high standard from the latest fabrics, which remain approved by the governing bodies of the sport. Each of their swimsuits and shorts are tested extensively to ensure that they fit comfortably on a wide range of body shapes.

Looking at Maru's performance collection - which is FINA approved - there are plenty of examples of the brand's attention to detail. A collection such as Pro T, for instance, is available for females as well as males. This range is made utilising the latest Xtra Life Lycra, a superior material than many that are used in swimwear products. This Lycra offers a waterproof Teflon coating which allows for an improved shape-retention in the water. Not only this, but the fabric helps with optimising muscle compression, when used in the pool, by reducing the production lactic acid under race conditions. This means that you can go on working through the water at top-speed for longer. The material is about half of the thickness of a conventional textile fabric but it still provides great coverage as well as offering quick-drying properties. Performance swimwear that is made by Maru using the fabric tends to mould to the body to create a second-skin sort of feeling which still allows for complete freedom of movement.

Maru also manufacture a comprehensive range of goggles. The Maru goggles range is designed to rigorous standards which make them great in the pool time after time as well as being extremely comfortable to wear. They are produced from long-lasting and durable materials, including polycarbonate lenses. Their goggles range also features low profile mirror goggles, the perfect thing if you like to swim in open water, when low sunlight can cause a problem. These goggles offer full ultraviolet light protection - great if you swim in an outdoor pool or the sea - and most of the products in the collection provide anti-fog technology.

Maru also make some great bags to carry your swimming kit around in, including some which a designed for kids. Adults will like their excellent backpacks which have handy mesh pockets to aid drying.

Maru Swimwear
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