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Named after the most dominant and beautiful of sea creatures, Orca promises perfect water wear, providing triathlon wetsuits and clothing for over 20 years. With a firm focus on high performance, they have worked with top triathletes to make the best collection of triathlon attire.

Orca's need for success has led them to design and create the kind of open water swimwear that should feel more like a second skin. Their exceptional wetsuits offer a mix of warmth, buoyancy and flexibility for entry level triathletes to world class competitors. Active compression fabric gives the right levels of compression with neoprene panels on the shoulders, arms and calves to support muscles, improve blood flow and reduce lactic acid production during race, recovery and rest period. Their tri clothing for men and women gives support, performance and style with waterproof, low irritation and breathable fabrics. Triathlon accessories like neoprene swim caps, open water goggles, race belts and transition bags complete your kit list.

Founded by former triathlon champion Scott Unsworth in 1992, this top triathlon clothing company began life in his native land of New Zealand. The brand's aim was to make faster, more adequate swimsuits after realising that triathletes could be quicker in open water and what slowed them down was what they wore.
What started out as a business from the back of his car grew in popularity with its promise to give triathletes greater flexibility and buoyancy when swimming in open water. The brand continued to rise, becoming a trusted must-have to swimmers, runners and cyclists all looking to make it out of the water in the quickest time. Orca used organic designs working with such athletes as Hamish Carter; creating new ideas and providing better gear. Then in 2000, on the grand stage of the Sydney Olympics (the first to feature triathlon as an official Olympic sport) the company that began in one man's parent's house had two thirds of the athletes wearing its apparel. It would continue to provide for the Olympics and Commonwealth games including assisting Hamish Carter in winning gold in 2004.

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