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Speedo Swimwear from Simply Swim

Speedo has been synonymous with top quality swimwear and swimming accessories for decades and we at Simply Swim stock an exhaustive range of cutting edge Speedo products, catering to men, women, and children, including leisure swimmers, enthusiastic amateurs, and professional athletes of all swimming disciplines.

In Australia, in 1914, the company was founded as MacRae and Company Hosiery, focusing on underwear items. During the First World War, the Scottish-born Alexander MacRae saw his company grow exponentially as they provided the Australian army with countless pairs of socks. In 1927, the company produced its first swimwear line, and in 1928, the company was renamed Speedo. Their first foray into the world of swimwear was a controversial and revolutionary racer back one-piece swimsuit for women, providing less restriction, greater range of motion, and faster swimming times. While many professional swimmers quickly adopted the new and improved style of swimsuit, it was banned at many beaches because the exposed flesh of the shoulders and back was considered highly inappropriate. However, the performance of the swimsuit at important swim meets, including the Olympic games in 1932, soon saw swimmers of all abilities adopting the Speedo line. In 1936, further controversy followed as the male Australian Olympic swimmers appeared bare-chested, wearing only Speedo swim shorts. Despite the shock of officials and the general public, the unsurpassed performance of the swimmers saw this style of swimwear for males rapidly gain in popularity.

Since these humble and somewhat controversial beginnings, Speedo has continued, throughout the decades, to lead the field in technology, fabric, and style innovations, helping swimmers achieve their best possible times and performances. Today, Speedo remains at the forefront of swimwear and swimming accessories, unmatched by their competitors.

Here at Simply Swim, we stock a huge range of Speedo products, from swimsuits to training aids. For leisure swimmers, we offer stunning swimsuits, including one-piece suits, two-piece suits, and swimming shorts. These swimwear products have all the durability and practicality you expect from Speedo, but also boast stylish colours, patterns, and prints. For the more serious swimmer, we offer performance swimwear, including one-piece suits, leg suits, shorts, and open water suits. Our Speedo performance swimwear features top quality chlorine-resistant and UV-resistant fabric, ensuring your swimwear is long lasting and durable. These swimwear models are also quick-drying for even more convenience. Some feature compression panels to help you streamline your body, support your core muscles, and improve your performance, and the women's models often feature bust support, such as mesh shelf bras.

Aside from our massive range of Speedo swimwear, we also offer a plethora of Speedo accessories. For children and family fun, we stock Speedo pool toys, such as dive toys, puzzles, and squirt toys. We have Speedo swimming caps, towels, goggles, and poolside footwear, along with training aids. Our Speedo training aids include fins, kick boards, and aqua gloves for resistance training, to help improve your technique, performance, and endurance. To further enhance your stamina, we also stock aqua aerobic-style training aids, such as aqua belts, dumbbells, and pullbuoys. Simply Swim have everything you need for a complete and thorough Speedo swimming experience, from fun, to training, and competition.

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