SwimFin Siwmming Aid

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Learning to swim is an important life skill for your child and the process can become much easier with the use of buoyancy aids. Swinfin is a new development in swimming aids which is guaranteed to provide a high level of assistance.

The Swimfin swimming aid is shaped like a shark fin and has straps which attach around your child body so that the fin is positioned in a high position on the top of their back. Therefore the child's arms remain completely free while they swim and the buoyancy of the Swimfin gives them confidence that they will stay afloat. This also ensures that your child achieves the correct swimming position as the Swimfin does not interfere with other parts of their body. This is preferable to using armbands or woggles which can have a negative impact on how your child uses their body in the water which may be difficult to correct once they stop using the swimming aid.

Another benefit is that the Swimfin adapts automatically as your child progresses. The positioning on top of the back means that the Swimfin is lifted out of the water as the child becomes more vertical in the water. This means that support will lessen automatically as your child requires less support.

Swimfin can also play a valuable role in helping your child gain confidence in the water. As well as helping to keep them afloat, the use of the Swimfin can lead to imaginative play with your child and while they are playing, they are still learning.

The revolutionary Swimfin is available in a range of colours which includes blue, pink and yellow. It comes in one size and is suitable for children aged between three to six ages. There is a weight restriction of between 15-30kg and this should be your primary guide when deciding if the Swimfin is suitable for your child.

SwimFin Siwmming Aid
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