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Launched in Sydney, Australia, in the early 1990s Zoggs has become a very well established brand around the world and is now run from headquarters that are in London. Zoggs built its reputation for swimming technology innovation with several developments in goggles designs over the last couple of decades. They launched a ground breaking one piece goggle for the general swimming consumer in 1994 and pioneered the use of split yoke straps for their range of swimming eye protection, which has lead to greater comfort and stability for many a swimmer.

Zoggs say that their Australian roots, which they call the home of swimming, means that the manufacturer of swimming equipment and clothing gives them an unrivalled passion when it comes to the sport. Although their innovative range of swimming goggles remains at the heart of the brand ethos, the firm now makes a wide range of other swimming accessories as well as swimwear that is suitable for all ages. Because of their expansion into swimwear, Zoggs now describe themselves as a full service swim brand, which encourages people from all corners of the globe to get involved with everything that the activity has to offer.

For infants, who are perhaps new to the pool environment and to swimming generally, Zoggs have an impressive array of products. This includes buoyancy aiding swimwear which is designed for use by both boys and girls. They make over-jackets that can fit on top of a conventional swimsuit to add buoyancy and improve confidence of a youngster in the water. Likewise, they have float-suits that have these features built in. To encourage fun and increased confidence in the water they also have a good choice of toys which are designed to act like training aids which kids can swim to, hold on to or dive to collect.

For adults, their range of swimming aids is no less impressive. A prime example would be their extensive choice of goggles. These include mirrored goggles which are perfect for competition swimmers who do not want to be put off by sunlight which can bounce around on the water's surface, causing disorientation under race conditions. They also have training aids such as hand paddles which allow you to displace more water and therefore build upper body strength. They also have a wide range of kickboards and other floats which can be held between the legs which help to improve muscle tone in the shoulders as well as allowing the swimmer to concentrate on their arm-rotation technique.

In terms of their swimwear, Zoggs offer a good deal of choice for both men and women. Jammer style shorts, hip racing trunks and Bermuda-style swimming shorts are all available for men and boys in a good choice of style options. Each is built to an exceptionally high standard and they are equally at home in the sea as they are in the pool. For ladies and girls, their swimsuits are no less well designed and there is an extensive range that offers style as well as performance enhancing costumes. Zoggs even have swimsuits that are specifically designed for pregnant women, too.

Zoggs Swimwear And Goggles
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