Australian swimmer to attempt triple English Channel swim

For most people, swimming the unpredictable and notoriously demanding English Channel is a major accomplishment in itself. Swimming a double something else, but a triple?  This may seem a swim or two too far, but 25 year old Australian Chlöe McCardel will attempt just that in July this year. Completing this incredible feat would make her the first Australian and 4th person ever to have  done so. Each crossing is over 34km, bringing the total to over 100kms. Chlöe is a top Australian marathon swimmer and previous winner of the 46K Manhattan Island Marathon. Having already completed a double crossing of the English Channel in 21 hours 48 minutes last year, Chlöe will attempt the triple following a rigorous training regime, part of which will be another world-first attempt – 60 laps of Bondi Beach in Sydney. The record currently stands at 50. What makes swimming the English Channel so notoriously difficult? There are lots of factors that contribute to its reputation as one of the world's most gruelling stretches for distance swimmers. The tides are strong and change direction every 6 hours or so. The Dover Straits is subject to local weather conditions that vary considerably from what has been forecast and are prone to change quickly. It is the unpredictability that makes the English Channel uniquely demanding both mentally and physically. On top of all of this, it's very cold. Weather aside, there are between 80 and 100 passenger ferry crossings every 24 hours for swimmers to negotiate, adding to the mental stress. This is an exciting and truly awe-inspiring attempt and we wish Chlöe every success here at Simply Swim! For useful advice and info. on swimming the English Channel see

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