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Fact : Fastest Swimming Animal

It’s hard to measure how fast an animal can move on land let alone underwater, virtually impossible to get an animal to follow a certain route to measure their speed. But a fisherman who caught a Sailfish recorded that within 3 seconds the Sailfish travelled 300ft (91m) underwater, so travels at roughly 60mph! This makes it the fastest ever recorded underwater animal and also faster than a Cheetah! Looking at it you can see why this big fish is a speedy swimmer. It is totally streamline (what all swimmers try to be in the water), has the nose of a jet plane and in incredibly muscular body structure so has a true sprinter build. Noone is exactly sure why this super swimmer has a massive sail for a dorsal fin, but it’s believed to be to get heat from the sun to heat the blood or to help in fast movements under the water. Close followers of the fastest swimmers include the Marlin, Swordfish and the Wahoo fish.

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