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Feel Confident In A Skirtini

A lot of us struggle with getting into shape for the summer. An NHS survey has shown that 66% of women dislike their stomach and nearly a quarter of women are not confident about their thighs. 74% of people asked admitted they miss out on water activities because they have no confidence in their swimsuit body. What better way is there to feel more confident about yourself than doing a bit of swimming in your local pool? Swimming is great exercise to get your body into shape as it tones all over and being a continuous exercise is one of the best ways for calorie burning. But still have the issue about getting your body out and into a swimming costume? Do not panic, there is a solution to this! The skirtini (a swimming costume with a skirt) helps to cover up your stomach and thighs whilst coming in gorgeous designs that will look amazing! Swimwear with skirts ensure you have no need to worry about showing your body as they discretely skim over your stomach and tops of your thighs. Check out the Speedo Waveboom and Zoggs Altona which are our favourite's and look out for swimming skirts in the future, they are sure to be around for seasons to come!

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