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Jump for joy, then jump in the pool for free!

If you fall into the categories of an active senior or an energetic youth and you are looking to score a fee day of swim, then listen up. In an effort to get the older and younger generations enthusiastic and fit in the pool, the Government has granted them the opportunity of hitting up nearly 300 different swimming facilities across the Nation completely free. That means that should you be above sixty and below 16 you can be hitting the lanes with a little extra money in your pockets. Swimming is an excellent way to gain cardio fitness and increase muscle tone without the harsh weight load that comes in the way of gravity from other land activities. So suit up in your swimwear and get ready to dive on in! This idea isn't the first time that local aqua babies took to the water without having to pay up. In 2009, from the months of April to September a similar campaign was run and this led to people numbering over 10 million able to take a splash without the cash. This then has worked wonders in spreading the word as to the marvels of aquatic fitness. So where might you then be able to take advantage of this free pass? This will depend upon the legislation of your local pool complexes, and to find one of the over 300 offering free swimming to seniors and 200 extending that to the younger set you can go here: http://www.culture.gov.uk/what_we_do/sport/5810.aspx If you are unsure of which local governing body moderates your nearest pool you can go here: http://local.direct.gov.uk/LDGRedirect/Start.do?mode=1 and supply the postcode you reside in. Be prepared to offer up some ID or proof that you are in fact of the correct age, but then you should be free to head on in with your swimsuit and go. Further it may be requested that you sign up for a free swim card so that the pool complex is able to track members. Finally, you can even ask to see if the pool is offering free swim lessons as that has also been part of the campaign. So when you want to get out there and cool off with a dip, or get in shape with some strokes, you could be doing so free of charge!

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