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New In - Triathlon 2016

Men's-Aspire-Wetsuit---Lifestyle-(6) Are you gearing up for a new triathlon season? Whether you're new to the sport or an experienced triathlete, we've got all the gear you need to dive into your swim with confidence. To point you in the right direction when shopping for triathlon gear this Spring Summer, here are some of the best 2016 arrivals from the top triathlon brands...  



Mens Full Sleeve Equip Wetsuit  |  Womens Full Sleeve Equip Wetsuit  |  Killa 180 Goggle  |  Race Belt  |  Swimming Socks

The Equip wetsuits by Orca are a great entry-level flexible wetsuit for those just starting out in triathlons or those who would like to spend a little less than the top-of-the-range wetsuit options. The Equip has been updated for 2016 and now incorporates many features of more intermediate wetsuits. The main new feature is the increased chest and back panels to help positioning and posture when swimming for a more streamlined swim, combined with a 1.5mm shoulder and arm Yamamoto neoprene for extra flexibility and range of motion. Orca also offer a great range of new accessories for 2016 including goggles, bags and swimming socks.  



Mens GHST Wetsuit 2016  |  Mens Race Wetsuit 2016   |  Womens Race Wetsuit 2016  |  Womens A1 Active Wetsuit 2016

The GHST wetsuit for men by 2XU is for the 'true triathlete', and sits as the top end of the wetsuit market. It is one of the most flexible wetsuits on the market and offers enhanced core and body buoyancy, thin neoprene shoulders for unrestricted movement, and lower leg propulsion panels for increased kick power. The Race wetsuit for men and women is a mid-range wetsuit with many great features for excellent performance in the water. It has a hydrodynamic SCS coating, that will help you glide through the water and flexible Yamamoto neoprene throughout. This suit is ideal for those that want to move on from a beginner's wetsuit and have a few triathlons under their belt. If you're looking for an entry-level wetsuit from 2XU then the A1 is for you. Available for both men and women, this wetsuit is perfect for beginners and uses Yamamoto neoprene for a premium fit.   

Zone 3


 Mens Aspire Wetsuit 2016  |  Womens Aspire Wetsuit 2016  |  Neoprene Swimming Cap  |  Neoprene Swimming Gloves  |  Swim Buoy Hydration Control  |  Transition Backpack

Zone 3 is a great brand to kit you out with everything you need for a triathlon from wetsuits to trisuits and accessories. For 2016 the Aspire Wetsuit for men and women is back, a great mid-range wetsuit updated for a new season. The Aspire is an industry favourite having won various accolades from 220 Triathlon and Triathlete Europe including BEST BUY and Editors Choice for last 4 years in 220 Triathlon magazine. For 2016 the main focus has been on increasing the flexibility even further which has been achieved with the introduction of a new one-piece shoulder panel design and by incorporating higher stretch materials. In addition to the great wetsuits from Zone 3, they also offer both strapped and strapless swimming caps, swimming gloves and socks, swimming buoys and a rucksack to store all your essential gear.  



Mens Tri Event EV16 Wetsuit 2016  |  Womens Tri Event EV16 Wetsuit 2016  |  Tri Comp Cap  |  Futura Biofuse Pro Polarised Goggles

The Event wetsuits by Speedo are great for those entering a triathlon for the first time, or who have already sampled a couple of triathlons and want a great price tag, combined with some technical features.

Also new in this season to complete your Speedo kit are a great range of goggles, hats and training aids, ideal to assist you before the race. Speedo's trisuits are also a great option for wearing underneath your wetsuit to take you from swim to cycle and run.


You can shop our entire triathlon range here.

What new gear will you be adding to your kit this triathlon season?

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