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New trend for aqua fitness workouts

People swim in the UK. Some three million, in fact. That’s almost as twice as many swimmers as cyclists. Yet, so many people say that swimming is boring. All those swimming lengths. Up and down, up and down the pool. The benefits of swimming are well-known and well-founded. The sport is non-impact yet, if done properly, offers a great all-over-body tone-up and a cardiovascular workout. Swimming, even at a gentle pace, will burn about 200 calories in 30 minutes. And how about this?: Jogging in water will burn around 11 calories per minute, compared to jogging normally, which burns about 8 calories? This is because water is 800 times denser than air, so you use more energy to move about in the pool. Now this might help you to understand why aqua fitness classes are on the up. Aqua fitness in the 21st century – as opposed to the aqua aerobics more commonly associated with older ladies in flowery swim caps – involves a mix of swimming and exercising in the pool, usually to music and led by an enthusiastic instructor. Classes include Aqua Zumba. If your local pool doesn’t offer aqua fitness classes then you could do your own workout. Lots of people struggle with the perceived embarrassment of doing anything other than swimming in a swimming pool but the more people that take up a new range of aqua dumbbells and aqua belts the quicker an alternative pool workout will become the done thing. The advantage of a pool fitness workout with dumbbells is that you can chat to a pal while you do the workout – and the session can be over in 20 minutes, giving you enough time before work, during your lunchtime or after work to fit in a quick session. We’re predicting aqua fitness to be a fast-growing trend in 2012.

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