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Product Reviews : Training Aids

I’ve been using the same training aids for quite a few years in the swimming pool. I’ve been comfortable and used to using the same equipment over and over again but recently got the opportunity to try out the Maru Training Fin and Head Contour Paddles. [caption id="attachment_667" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Maru Training Fin"][/caption] The first thing you notice about the Maru Training Fin is obviously its bright, fun design. These are a real eye catcher on poolside and quite far from what I would have personally chosen just based on looks! But as soon as I put these fins on my feet I was shocked to find how much more comfortable they were than an older model fin! These fins are made with silicone so flexible, comfortable and soft on my feet. After a few lengths of swimming, these fins were sold! They had such a natural feel when swimming and allowed my natural kick to happen whilst giving me that extra speed and working my lower body. On the bottom wear small details that prevented me from slipping over when I stood up so was a handy extra that I would never have even thought of. The Head Contour Paddle was also quite different to what I would have originally gone for. I used to wear hand paddles that were more of a finger paddle and were much smaller than this Contour Paddle. I was always weary that a larger paddle may have caused too much resistance for me or been uncomfortable strapped around my wrist. Again I’ve been proved so wrong! The paddles gave me the perfect amount of resistance in the water, so I could feel my pull and feel the power that I was getting from each arm pull. The strap around the wrist allows full wrist [caption id="attachment_666" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Head Contour Paddle"][/caption] movement in the water and is made of a rubbery material so is stretchy and comfortable at all times. So would I recommend these to other swimmers? My answer is 100% yes. I would also recommend to those like me, who stick with their old faithfuls because they are used to them, to be a little braver when choosing their new swim equipment! I was surprised in a good way and will never be afraid to try something a little different again.

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  • I love the idea of these, even bought them! Only problem is that I have yet to be able to try them because NOT ONE of my 5 local facilities will allow such things in their pools.

    I have tried writing to them, I have tried just turning up with them but each time I am told no, it’s a health and safety issue.


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