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Stick To Your New Year's Resolution And Get Fit Swimming

Anyone looking to get fit this New Year is not alone. It is a fact that the majority of New Year's Resolutions pertain to either losing weight or starting a regular exercise routine. While many of these resolutions may fall flat after a few weeks, you can avoid becoming one of the many resolution fitness AWOLs by taking to the water and donning your swimsuit. Unlike other cardio activities such as running, rough and tumble sports, or stair climbing, swimming is non weight bearing which means it is tremendously easier on your joints, bones, and ligaments. Where you may feel aches and pains after bouts of cardio on land, but this doesn't have to be the case if you are doing laps in the pool with your swimwear, or taking part in an active aqua-aerobics class. The water offers you buoyancy which any land activity can not claim. This means you can take the plunge in your swimsuit and work out longer without feeling achy or sore the next day. Swimming is one of the best cardio activities to get your heart rate elevated, your muscles engaged, and your lungs working to their full potential. This will not only get you fit rather quickly if done regularly but will also burn calories to help you lose weight should that be one of your goals.  Without being so taxing on your body it is possible to do intense swimming workouts more frequently without creating a greater chance of injury. This idea is crucial in competitive swimmers' regimens in that they are able to stretch their potential nearly every day and get fit faster than say competitive runners that must take an easier day after a strenuous workout to recover and allow their joints and bones to rest. Should you still be suiting up in your swimwear but not looking to set a record time, you can still benefit from the water in that any kind of swimming is going to get you in great shape should you keep your heart rate in your target zone. Even if you aren't so savvy on swimming lap after lap in the pool, don't pass up on donning that swimsuit just yet as there are plenty of other aquatic options. There are numerous aqua-aerobics classes that will get your heart pumping and muscles working in a variety of different movements.  You can also take to the pool for for some aqua-jogging and there are many pool apparatuses that can be implemented to mix things up. Ankle weights will improve muscle strength, kick boards will target your leg muscles, and buoyancy belts can be used for a whole host of beneficial aquatic exercises. So if your resolution was to get fit and lose weight you need only to look to the water, get into your swimwear, take the plunge, and swim your way to a new you!

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