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Swimmers Ear

Swimmers ear (otitis externa) can be a real issue! It can often be related to swimming or swimming underwater when the water can get into the outer ear canal. It only takes a tiny amount of water to get into the ear canal to get ‘swimmers ear’ and the effects will be different for every person who suffers. Symptoms of this ear problem can include hearing issues and sounds of water in the ear - usually completely painless but irritating! Swimmers ear can be really easy to prevent if you can’t get the water out of your ear easily and suffer from this regularly. Earol swim is a great natural product that you apply to the ear before swimming to create a natural barrier against swimmers ear. It’s cheap and really easy to use so if you suffer with swimmers ear is a must buy. If you get swimmers ear a lot and know it often develops to infections, then another great product to invest in is some ear plug. These are also a real bargain and can prevent pain and infection in your ear. To see our range of ear plugs click here. If you do suffer from any pain at all, it can be a sign of a more serious infection so a trip to your local doctor is advised. With thanks to Darcy Norman for image

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