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Tall Swimsuits

This week’s post is a guest post about our tall swimsuits & tall swimwear range from Sally at Life Loving – an inspirational lifestyle blog which helps others to embrace life fully. Over to Sally…

Most tall women will know that buying clothes in longer lengths can sometimes be a challenge and a lot of places don’t cater very well for those needing longer items. Imagine multiplying that problem by looking for swimwear to fit longer proportions and you can find yourself frustratingly shopping around. In my case, this was quite needless shopping. I didn’t realise that you could buy tall swimsuits. What a revelation!


As a slightly-taller-than-average height woman, I don’t get comments about my height, which I feel is a blessing and a curse – as no one appreciates the overarching issue. I have a very long torso, which when you factor in swimwear is all about your top half, becomes an issue when shopping for a swimming costume.


Before discovering the tall swimsuit range at Simply Swim, I spent every trip to the pool or the beach in a bikini, which is fine, unless you want something with a bit more support and coverage. Until I tried on a Halocline longer-length swimsuit, I was sure that I would spend my days wearing two pieces, rather than a stylish one-piece.

I gave up trying on swimsuits a number of years back. I distinctly recall standing in a dingy changing room looking into the mirror at the badly fitting swimsuit that stared back at me. If I was a chap and my chest was in fact pecs, I wouldn’t have looked out of place in the old 90s show of Gladiators. That’s how badly swimwear fitted me. Fast forward quite a few years, you can now appreciate how excited I was to find out that Simply Swim did a range of swimsuits for tall people and not just one style tucked away at the back of the website, a whole range of gorgeous designs for me to choose from.


From the first moment I tried on my Lucille Longer-Length Swimsuit, I knew I could finally wear a one-piece swimsuit. Hallelujah! The search was finally over. I’m now eyeing up some of the newest range - the Iris in Black and Peacock has really caught my attention and I feel that my only swimsuit might have a friend in the wardrobe soon.

I suspect the big question you are asking is what is the difference? It may seem obvious to anyone who has had to shop for taller clothes in their time, but swimsuits are a different kettle of fish all together. Tall swimsuits have extra fabric around the torso, meaning that the overall fit in terms of length is much nicer. The Halocline range has actually been tested on taller women, so they are designed for the perfect fit, not like some brands which say they are taller but when you try them on they aren’t actually cut with a taller woman in mind. I’ve come across that on so many occasions.


So if you are a tall woman struggling to find a tall swimwear swimsuit that fits well, have a look at the Halocline range of tall swimsuits. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the range of fantastic styles that are available.



Happy shopping taller ladies!