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The Motivational Playlist

When I used to compete, the best way to get me in the zone and pumped up for a race was by listening to some seriously motivational music. There is something for everyone on this list, with so many genres of music to get you ready to win! Walking On Sunshine, Katrina and The Waves – This is a brilliant song to listen to when you’re on your way to a swimming competition! It makes you want to get up, dance like a lunatic and really does make you feel so good. The perfect feeling before a big day. Eye of the Tiger – For any motivational playlist, this is a must have! It’s a classic, one of the best motivational songs ever and makes you think of all the Rocky workout scenes where he trains for the next big fight. Lose Yourself, Eminem – If you’ve got a massive race coming up and need one song to put you in that feisty mood then this is one for you. This song is about a man who’s competing in a different way and is the one to get you in the zone and pump you up! Touch The Sky, Kanye West – This song is so upbeat, a really summery song that gives you a really fantastic feeling. If you want to be the swimmer to achieve so much you can literally touch the sky then this is the one for you. Defying Gravity, Wicked – This is probably more of a girls choice of song for preparing for a big race but the message is so right for all of us – ‘I think I’ll try defying gravity, and you can’t pull me down’ how great is that?! It’s all about being unafraid of achieving what you want. It’s My Life, Bon Jovi – Bon Jovi is one of the biggest influences in music and this song is perfect for influencing you to get in the right mental place. About standing your ground, standing tall when people try to hold you down and not being a face in the crowd – what you want when preparing for your big race! Chariots of Fire, Vangelis – From a classic sports film that is all about overcoming obstacles and going for glory. Every time I hear the song I see images of people running in slow motion! But it gives such a strong feeling of strength inside and winning. This is a great song choice for winding down after a race as it’s not as upbeat but has an incredibly strong message to keep you in the right frame of mind. So these songs were collated for a fantastic motivational playlist, but really isn’t this just a great playlist for life? With thanks to craigCloutier for the banner image.

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  • When all else fails…..Simply Swim

    Tony Wilson

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