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Why You Should Add AquaPlane To Your Child's Swimming


Help your child with their swimming development throughout every stage with AquaPlane, the multi-functional Swim Aid. Made from high quality EVA foam for durability and endorsed by Olympic and Commonwealth medalist swimmers, the AquaPlane is the only multi-use aid on the market that can be used as a back float and a kick board. This not only saves storage but also cost as you get the benefit of two products in one.   The first way to utilise the AquaPlane is to strap the float around your child so that it works as a back float. This helps with their confidence in the water and their body positioning as they learn to swim. It enables movement of their arms and the correct position for breathing. Secondly, as your child grows in their ability, remove the straps from the aid and they can hold it to help when working on their swimming strokes. And finally as they become confident swimmers, it can be used as a kick board when training for performance and more advanced swimming skills.  

The product is available in 4 bright and fun colours and is suitable for children weighing 15-30kgs and aged 3 and up. For more information and to purchase your AquaPlane head over to our website today.