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Worst Ever Swimwear!

Looking through the gorgeous ranges of swimwear that there is available now, I sometimes wonder how people can ever get it so wrong! I mean, why didn’t they just come to us here at Simply Swim to choose from a great of swimwear for both men and women!? I gave myself the mission of finding the top 10 worst ever swimwear worn on planet earth, because finding nice swimwear was just too easy! I have had some laughs along the way and narrowed down to the top 10, so here we go…
In 10th Place we have this little number. This bikini would not have made it if it was just a bikini, but the beaded design in the middle puts it right up in our top 10 worst ever swimsuits!
9thplace goes to the chip swimsuit. If you were going into McDonalds and couldn’t quite find the words then all you would need to do is wear this and point! Why anyone would like to look like fries is beyond me.   
8 - Monokini – check. Animal print – check. So two massive trends however this swimsuit is totally wrong in every way which is why it makes number 8 on our top 10 worst ever swimsuits!  
7 - Is this a male or female swimsuit? It’s got the ‘in’ monokini look but on a guy! So this may be a designer swimsuit but even this super model couldn’t pull it off! Looks like he is stuck in the wrong decade.  
6 - This is the kind of swimsuit that would just give you nightmares if you ever saw it in real life! Flattering cut yes, but design of this bikini scares the living daylights out of me! Maybe one for Halloween this year!?  
5 - Imagine the tan you would get with this swimsuit if you went to a beach or outdoor swimming pool.  See guys, even the top designers in the world make some massive mistakes which is why it is our Number 5!!  
4 - Again, monokinis are so in this year but the metallics and sleeve are totally cringe worthy. You would definitely stop and stare if someone was wearing this and you walked past. You would also need to make sure you had some sunglasses close to hand on a sunny day!  
3 - I guess ok if you get married on the beach or in a swimming pool….No no still not ok! Lovely detailing for the marital season but surely not for swimwear?  
2 - Now this swimsuit could pose a massive health and safety risk for anyone around! It looks more like she’s going into battle than on a trip to her local swimming pool. Hey, at least she has her swim ring and swimming cap on!  
  And at Number 1! The Borat Mankini  I truly didn’t want to give a 1st place prize to Borat because it’s so predictable but I seriously could not find anything more disturbing! Noone could ever pull this off, no matter how incredibly good looking the wearer might be – just don’t ever do it! The mankini is the well deserved winner of the worst ever swimwear!

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  • I actually like no 6! I’m all for wacky swimwear, you only buy it once a year for holidays so why not go all out, this particular design seems a rather odd arrangement but i’d love to see the rest of their collection. if iron fist (which i love) did swimwear it would look a lot like this.


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