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10 Strange Things Swimmers Say To One Another


Swimmers at most times seem to be normal, that is until they get together and the something strange happens. Most of the time they don’t realise they're doing it until a non-swimming friend points out that what you just said was rather weird.


These might be strange requests or out of the ordinary comments, things that no-one outside the swimming world would understand, and here are our top ten favourites...




10 - Will you shave my back


If you were with your loved one this sounds pretty normal, if you're with a close swimming buddy saying this to them is also fine and expected.


But to an outsider this just sounds plain weird and just a bit creepy.





9 - Sorry I can’t help you I’m tapering


If you're unsure what tapering is well let me tell you, it’s a time period when you reduce your exercise days before a big race.


So you can't help wash the car, walk the dog or reach the remote because you don’t want to ruin your taper.





8 - My shoulders are too big


This is mainly aimed at female swimmers but can apply to males as well. Don’t you just hate it when you can't get your dress over your shoulders or your favourite shirt now doesn’t fit.


This is every swimmer's nightmare and if you don’t swim then you just don’t understand.





7 - That team has so much swimcest


Yup swimcest! Its just very weird when people who are on the same team also date.





6 - I’m Insta-Famous


Just because a swim blog or brand liked your instagram post or reposted you doesn’t make you insta-famous but this saying seems to be a massive thing a swimmers say to each other.





5 - He’s such a sallie save up


Swimmers hate it when someone bags the first half of practice just so they can look good beating other everyone in the dive sets.


I guess you could call that first world problems…





4 - But they were suited and tapered


Just like a handi cap in golf, swimmers have their own code when levelling the playing field. "He beat me because he was suited" or "she beat be because she was tapered" are the first things swimmer say when they lose.


And I bet you know someone who says that all the time.





3 - Are you going to finish that?


Swimmers love food, its just a fact, so when a swimmer is in a restaurant with their non-swimming friends you know they are going to pig out on their food and also everyone elses.


Just to up their calories.





2 - Ten seconds rest? Brilliant!


Whether its five seconds or ten seconds, rest between sets is still rest. Swimmers like to take full advantage of it.


And sadly this no doubt would have leaked into their non swimming life as well meaning a lot of non swimmers give them rather strange looks.





1 - I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on


Swimmers tend to spend 20 to 30 hours a week pretty much naked so seeing a fellow swimmer fully clothed is a very weird thing.


It gets so bad sometimes that other swimmer don’t even recognise each other with clothes on.. to an outsider this is a pretty strange thing.






And there we have it 10 strange thing swimmers say to one another. Do you have a secret code with your fellow swimmers that no one else understands? We would love to hear about so comment below.