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Top 5 2018 Swim Training Fins


Looking to improve your swim training but don't know where to start? Training fins are a great piece of equipment to introduce but you may be unsure which ones are best for you. Luckily we're here to help with our top five favourites and a few tips to find your perfect pair.


There are a huge assortment of fins to choose from, so take the time consult your friends and coaches but in essence, all swim fins are designed to increase your ankle flexibility and create water resistance to increase your muscle strength in your lower body.


The most important consideration is fit; the tighter the fit the better. As long as they don't cut off your circulation! The better the fit the more power transfers from your kick to your fins, so a loose fitting fin not only will fall off in the pool but also is inefficient and will waste energy.


Most fins will fit the same as your shoe size but this can vary between brands. With closed heel styles make sure there is enough resistance in the heel area. To test this place the feet a stride apart, leaving the front of your foot on the floor, then start to bring up the heel on the other and see if you get good resistance, it's not scientific but it seems to work.




Our Top Five Fins


Maru Traning Fins - These are great all-rounder swim training fins for all ages. They have an enclosed heel, open toe and are made from 100% Silicone which makes them soft and comfortable to wear.

Excellent for beginners you will find these fins in most swim club members kit bags and they also come in 3 vibrant cool colours. 







Aqua Sphere Microfin HP - Another great all-rounder swim training fin. If you're struggling to find a fin that will fit your little swimmer's feet then these are the narrowest fitting option. They have an ergonomically designed foot pocket that we find tends to fit the narrower foot.

They have also packed in extra features like raised rubber ribs to allow proper channeling of water and anti-slip rubber pads to give grip on the wall when doing flip turns and also on wet areas around the pool. These fins are great value for money.







Speedo Biofuse Fin - Another great fin for basic swim training, they use the Speedo Biofuse technology and perform in complete harmony with your body, giving you comfort and freedom of movement. Slightly heavier and stiffer than the Maru fins we would recommend them for young adults and above. 






Arena Powerfin Pro - Their innovative design features a sloping surface and hydrodynamic slits in the top to allow you to swim with a faster leg kick and better control. The open heel ensures the best possible ankle flexibility allowing faster upwards motion and a more powerful downward leg kick. 

So if you're looking for a light compact swim training fin that is packed with features but will reduce the chance of blisters then the Arena Powerfin Pro is ideal.  









Finis Positive Drive Fin - Lightweight swim training fin that can be used for all four swim strokes, including butterfly and are ideal for Medley event training.

The short and wide blade helps promote a natural inward supination kick style for Backstroke, Butterfly, and Freestyle. 




Have you used swim training fins to improve your technique? We'd love to hear which is your favourite pair from Simply Swim, just leave us a comment below.