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4 Awesome New Water Parks


Are you sick of the going to the same old water parks? Do you find yourself falling asleep when going do the same flume over and over? Then fear no more because we have 4 awesome new water parks to tell you about! 



The Wave, Dublin, California

This new water park features three areas for all types of thrill seekers. The first of which is Slide tower which features six slides that have amazing twists and turns along the way.


The Splash Zone is great for younger children just getting into swimming and water parks. This area has a zero depth entry and features an awesome interactive play area.


And the lastly is the sports pool. This pool is perfect for those who just want to swim some lengths. It has eight racing lanes, three warm up lanes and a digital score board.




Cedar Point Shores, Sandusky

Are you looking for a water park that has it all? Then you must visit Cedar Point Shores. It features 17 water rides from the six-story drop of Point Plummet to Lemmy’s Lagoon for the little ones or the amazing raft slide storm surge and the relaxing runaway rapids.


This new water park really does cater for everyone. And when you're finished racing down the Riptide Raceway or have finally completed the Lily Pad Walk you can always ride the coasters at the Cedar Point Theme Park.




H2OBX, Powells Point

This awesome water park features over 20 slides and flumes, which are fun for all the family.


For the little ones you can choose from Pelican Plunge, Swooping Seagull and Osprey Landing.


Wild horse Run, The Plank (yes you in-fact do have to walk the plank), Paradise Plunge and Storm Chaser are perfect slides for adrenaline junkies.


And lastly Deep Six Adventure Lagoon, Queen Anne’s Revenge, Rogue Wave and Cat 5 Bay Wave Pool which are perfect for all the family.




Volcano Bay, Orlando

The hottest new water park so far has to be Universal's Volcano Bay. This water park has it all! It even has its own beach called Waturi Beach.


It's a true adventure in this water park, featuring awesome rides like Taniwha Tubes, Krakatau Aqua Coaster, Ko’okiri Body Plunge and if you just want to chill you can always ride Kopiko Wai Winding river.


With so much to do in this park you might just want to spend your entire trip there.




Did we miss any other new water parks out? Let us know in the comments below.