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5 Tricks To Stop Swimming Goggles Fogging Up

As swimmers, we know how frustrating it is when you're mid swim and your goggles begin clouding over, whether it's during a leisurely swim or on race day there is no good time for foggy goggles. There are many methods to stop or reduce the goggle fog, from saliva to homemade anti-fog solutions. 

Pool Water

Naturally, the temperature of your body rises as you swim, but the water temperature remains cool. The changes in the temperature combined with the sweat produced can also create goggle fog. Simply wetting your face and goggles in the pool water before putting your goggles on will help combat the fogging, allowing time for the surface of your face and goggles to come down closer to the water temperature and gradually rise with your body temperature.

Anti-Fog Spray

Anti-fog solutions are extremely effective in countering the fog. Whether you have chosen to purchase Anti-fog sprays or drops, once you have applied your anti-fog coating to the lenses you will quickly notice the difference. We have a great selection of anti-fog sprays and solutions from brands such as HUUB and Aquasphere, manufactured by the biggest and best brands with the sole purpose of combatting condensation and stopping goggle fog. However, we recognise that this can quickly become expensive for regular swimmers so continue reading for other options!


Though this has instant cringe factor, saliva is truly an effective method. Not only is it a natural and free option, its great for anyone with sensitive eyes. Its works by adding a barrier to the lens which breaks the condensation into droplets that roll off of the lenses instead of creating fog. It's a chosen method of anti-fog treatment for many swimmers due to how well it works, simply spread the saliva around the lenses and off you go!

Baby Shampoo

Though you can use any kind of shampoo, baby shampoo would be nicer on the eyes. Once again, you will be creating that barrier using the shampoo. Gently rub the shampoo into the lenses, leave to dry for 10 minutes and then rinse them out without touching the lenses.


Many goggles come with anti-fog built into the lenses. This is a great feature but much like anything else, it needs to be cared for correctly in order to preserve the anti-fog coating. This includes rinsing with fresh water and allowing them to dry after your swim. It's also good practice to avoid placing your goggles onto your head between sets, this is due to trapping the water and sweat on your head into the goggle.

Buying goggles that have a secure seal and fit correctly will ultimately prevent any moisture from entering the goggles. Buying anti-fog goggles and topping them up with an anti-fog solution is a great option to promote the longevity of the goggles.