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Amazing Water Parks in Asia

Asia is the world's largest populous continent and it's here you will find some of the most unique and biggest water parks. Here are five of the best...  

Caribbean Bay – Yongin, South Korea

First up we have one of the biggest indoor and outdoor waterparks in the world with the largest river pool in the world running through it. One of the best rides is he Mega Storm, which is a super-sized 335 metre ride where you spin, plummet and rise. The wave pool is another popular attractions, as the waves get as high as 2.4 metres. When you get exhausted from all the fun, you can relax in their spa and even sleeping rooms!  

Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi

This is the UAE’s first mega water park. It is huge at a size of 15 hectares and is home to a whopping 45 rides! That's more attractions than any other park in the Middle East. This includes the world's longest, fastest tornado waterslide, interactive ride and laser rollercoaster.  

Water Kingdom, Mumbai, India

This is the largest water park in not only India but also Asia. There's a dance zone with rain showers and laser lights and it's home to one of the largest wave pools in the world spanning 100 metres!  

Happy Magic Water Park – Beijing, China

Happy Magic was formerly used for Beijing 2008 Olympics but has since been repurposed into one of the largest water parks in Asia. It's even China's most visited tourist location just behind the Great Wall! The park is complete with numerous slides, wave pools, floating jellyfish and live shows. The technology behind the park is so advanced that the temperature adjusts to the change of the seasons.  

Waterbom – Bali, Indonesia

Our final option is an incredibly large water park (3.8 hectares) which is surrounded by lush tropical gardens in Bali. There are numerous slides that will suit everyone from children to adrenaline seekers and it's home to the longest waterslide in the world at a mind blowing length of 250 metres.     Have you visited any of these water parks? Did we miss a great one off our list? Let us know in the comments.