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Aquasphere - Advanced goggles for every condition

Aquasphere has been a leading brand for innovative goggles since their launch in the 1998 when they introduced the worlds first swim mask, the SEAL. From here they have paved the way for aquatic eye protection, with their patented curved lenses for increased peripheral vision and a secure yet long lasting, comfortable seal around eyes - making their goggles and masks suitable for leisure and endurance swimmers alike.

Aquasphere have developed a series of goggles over the years for competition, leisure and open water swimming, with features for each individual and a lens for every condition. Below are just a few features available with Aquasphere goggles.


Lens Type


  • > Clear/Slightly tinted lenses are for use indoors, or in cloudy or overcast conditions. These lenses transmit natural light for optimal visibility.

  • > Smoke/Polarized lenses. For outdoor swimming in partially sunny or partly cloudy weather. These conditions are perfect for our Smoke/Polarized lenses due to their ability to decrease light transmission and adapt to all conditions.

  • > Titanium mirrored/Infrared cut lenses offer the best protection for sunny or very bright outdoor conditions. These lenses reduce glare and boost colour contrast.

Lens Features

  • > Light Protection as mentioned, Aquasphere have a range of lenses suitable for any condition, protecting your eyes from bright light and harmful rays. 

  • > Anti-fog technology, whether embedded into the plexisol lenses, or coated onto the polycarbonate lenses, having anti-fog properties within your goggles guarantee the best visibility.

  • > Curved lenses, with 180° distortion free wide field vision for the best optics, these lenses are comfortable, secure and offer exception hydrodynamics.

  • With many features to rave about, its easy to see why Aquasphere are leaders in their field. But where Aquasphere progress with technological innovation they never compromise on quality and good comfort levels among their product ranges, all manufactured for swim enthusiasts, competitive and leisure swimmers.