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Best UK Indoor Water Parks

With the unpredictable British weather, what could be better than a fun day out at an indoor waterpark. Both adults and children alike love the excitement and action of moving water and the different challenges that it can present and for the less adventurous, there are many attractions that can be both relaxing and stimulating. Most indoor waterparks are open all year round, except during periods of maintenance, so even on dark, dreary winter days they all have something special to recommend them.



Sandcastle Waterpark

Situated in the north of the UK in Blackpool, the Sandcastle Waterpark is located opposite the Pleasure Beach, so loads to do outside as well. There are more than 18 slides, which include attractions such as the Aztec Falls, the Caribbean Storm Treehouse and Fort Riptide to name but a few; there is also wave machines, fun pools and lazy rivers. This is a complete day out as there is an arcade selling food and drink at Bongo Bongo and Monkey Island, which includes snack and burger bars. A brilliant day out and a chance for all the family to show off their swimwear any time of the year. Blackpool has many reasonably priced bed and breakfasts and hotels close by, so a great place to spend a few days.




Alton Towers Waterpark

Alton Towers is located not too far from Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire and has always been one of the top UK attractions. Several hotels are close-by, including the Splash Landings which is right next door. It is designed to give visitors a Caribbean holiday experience, making it a great place for families to stay if they are too far away for a day trip. Formerly called Cariba Creek, this is a 'no expense spared' waterpark with some amazing attractions. It is an indoor tropical lagoon with a steaming volcanic type hot spring, water slides and cannons, but what makes it so special is attractions such as the Master Blaster - a roller coaster that, without warning, sends out sudden bursts of water. If you like adventure, then try the 'Bubbly Wubbly Pool' or for something more sedate, the 'Volcano Springs'. The 'Waterworks Treehouse' is not to be missed with more than 70 different things to do – but watch out for the 'Tipping Bucket' which releases 1000 gallons of water every time the bell rings. Note that although the Water Park is open year, the Theme Park is only open from March to the beginning of November.




The Blue Lagoon

Situated in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales, this waterpark has a beautiful setting, perfect for a day trip or a holiday. It is as 'green' as possible by using a biomass fuel driven system to heat the water. Computer controlled, this amazing system, which creates energy, is concealed under a turf roof, blending into its surroundings. It is fuelled by wood chips which are made from tree lopping, trimmings and brash and it is also able to use Miscanthus, a hybrid of several African grasses which can be produced on land that is otherwise unusable for other crops. The activities include giant slides, a water cannon and wave pool. The wave pool even has a mosh pit – great fun for kiddies who like to dance. There are also evening parties with live entertainment and music – a great opportunity to dress in your best swimwear, even in winter. With various different types of accommodation within the National Park, ranging from lodges, cottages, hotels and guest houses, it is a truly memorable place.