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Breast Stroke Turn Advice Video

Transcript…. Breast Stroke Turn The breast stroke turn is an open turn which is simple and easy to learn. Fairly similar to the butterfly turn for those of you who have worked on that. By developing your turn it can be the simplest way to improve racing times or your efficiency in training. By following these simple tips, you will establish your breast stroke turn and increase your swimming ability. How To Perform Swim at a constant speed towards the wall. When your reach the wall, touch with two hands at the same time. You don't need to hang on to the wall, just touch and turn. Bend one elbow towards your body whilst at the same time bringing your legs in towards your body. Lift the other arm over the top of your body and take a deep breath whilst looking towards the wall. Drop down below the water's surface and push your arms into the streamline position. Push off from the wall, rotating your body to be on your front and keep your arms in the streamline position until you feel your glide slowing down. When your head is centimetres away, you can perform your first stroke. So to summarise: 1. It is important to touch the wall with two hands at the same time - competitive swimmers will be disqualified if this isn't done. 2. Don't hang onto the wall, just touch and turn for maximum efficiency 3. Take a breath before submerging as you can be underwater up to 15 metres when performing a turn. 4. Add the A Pull in when you have mastered the simple touch and turn; don't add it in until you are confident. So that's the breast stroke turn! Thanks for watching and don't forget to check out our other advice videos and online swim store at For more videos visit us on Youtube