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Breaststroke Drills - Swimming Advice Video

Today we're going to be taking a look at some breaststroke drills, so helping you to improve your stroke and technique. Our first drill for breaststroke is two kicks to one pull. As breaststroke is a stroke that gains the majority of its strength and speed from the leg kick, it's very important to focus on this in training. Two kicks to one pull allows you to work your legs without any major changes to your stroke or training and also encourages you to really lengthen your stroke. This is also a very good drill for those who struggle to synchronize their leg kick, as you can focus all your attention to your legs. Breaststroke arms with butterfly legs is our second drill. So although the leg kick is the main power source in breaststroke, don't underestimate your arm pull. This is still important, and getting it wrong can result in a lost race. This drill is perfect for those who have a weak pull or struggle to get it quite right. By using butterfly legs instead of breaststroke legs, you create the natural undulation and drive the hips higher towards the surface of the water, so mimic the wave action in breaststroke. Eggbeater is just like treading water and can be a great choice for a warm-up before swimming a breaststroke set. It works the muscles in the upper legs and the core, so for those who aren't frequent breaststroke swimmers or have dropped their fitness, it can hurt after a while. This drill works by going out of your depth in the water and alternating the legs in a breaststroke style to get keep your head above the surface of the water. For those who are just learning, start by sculling your hands under the surface to give you a bit of extra support, and then as you progress, move them closer to the surface. For elite swimmers or those who really want a challenge, then hold your arms in streamline as it makes this a lot tougher. This drill is also a major part of training for synchronized swimmers and water polo players. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to check out our other advice videos and our online swim store at