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Dealing with nerves and converting it to positive energy

Rebecca Adlington, Chad Le Clos, Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte all swam incredibly well at the recent Olympic Games and considering their previous success this came as no surprise to us spectators. These swimmers and all other Olympians are all incredibly experienced swimmers and have been involved in their sport for many years. But even this standard of swimmers have to deal with their nerves and battle with any doubts they may have. Do you have a swimming race coming up soon but suffer with huge bouts of nervousness? Here are 2 important things to remember next time you face this situation:
  1. Everyone feels like this! Nervousness is normal for any person and you can find comfort knowing that everyone feels the same way. It’s not feeling the nerves that makes the problem, it’s how you deal with it that matters.
  2. Being nervous is a form of simple energy meaning that it can be used to give you positive energy in your races and channeled into your performance.
What do the champions do which makes the difference? The top swimmers in the pool use their nervous energy to their advantage – to enhance their performance and give them more energy in the swimming pool. They don’t allow it drag them down, they don’t stress about being nervous or let it destroy their opportunities for success and becoming the best. So actually, if you aren’t nervous at all there’s your problem! You won’t have that extra energy that the nervous swimmers have to benefit you in your swim. Your mind will always give you what your body needs, so a little nerves go a long way when competing!!  Let yourself feel those nerves and then let it unleash that champion swimmer inside of you to get you on the podium. Remember : being nervous is an advantage not a disadvantage!! Got any of your own top tips for battling with nerves or your own story? Let us know! ‘The Mind controls the body, and the mind is unlimited. The best of success’     Craig Townsend