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Great Training, Not Such Great Race Results?

Not quite getting those swimming results that you deserve? It’s so common for swimmers to be the best trainers around - never miss a session, always on time and always works the hardest in the pool – but way off potential race times. So here we have a plan of action if that swimmer is you! I guess most importantly the thing to realise is that this is a very common thing; it’s not just you going through this. It doesn’t have a single thing to do with your technique or physical strength; it’s the you inside your head that is affecting your swimming! It’s simple to solve this…change the way you think about the competition ahead. If you’re a competitive swimmer, the reason you train is to succeed in competition. That’s a huge part of this, the pressure of racing can really affect your overall performance if you don’t handle pressure very well. But is there that much pressure?...How many people will see the results of the race? – probably not that many. Is it life and death? – definitely not! So you may have realised that the swimming race ahead isn’t actually that big a deal and there’s no need to stress over it so much. There are plenty more races ahead if this one doesn’t quite go to plan! Stay relaxed before your race. If you’re uptight and stressed, your muscles will seize up and affect your physical ability when you’re actually at the fittest you’ve ever been. Think about the situation the other swimmers are in too. If they are ranked first and fastest in the race then imagine what pressure they are under to win. Would you want to be in their shoes when they are swimming against you after all the incredible training you’ve been doing!? They are more than likely terrified of you! Mental preparation is massively important before any swim race. If you tell yourself you’ve not had a great winning streak then this winning streak you want is probably not going to start anytime soon! Before you race think about the great things about you and your swimming – think about all the hours you’ve put in, the reasons behind your swimming drills and think about achievements in the past that have made you feel great about yourself. [caption id="attachment_696" align="alignright" width="250" caption="He believes in himself, so should you!"][/caption] Visualisation is a tool used by the best swimmers in the world. Imagine yourself winning the race or getting that time that you are after. By imagining the situation over and over again you train your brain to believe you can do this. You will feel much more comfortable after imagining the coming even and planning the result you want. Subconsciously you will remember that when swimming that race. So for great training and those great results, you are the answer! Give these top tips ago before your next swimming race and there are definitely going to be some much better results.