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Henley Swim 2017

The Henley Mile is a 1 mile straight swimming event held in the downstream River Thames and for another year we were lucky enough to sponsor the event and head down on the day to enjoy the exciting atmosphere with all the swimmers.


Various races were held throughout the day, ranging from men’s, women’s, juniors and mixed. The event caters for all ages from young children all the way up to pensioners. Parents swam with their children, and friends swam along side each other, everyone taking part in the fun!



Swimmers were given complimentary Simply Swim string bags, full of goodies and colourful swim caps. Once again, we were very proud to sponsor this event and to encourage swimming at all ages.


After everyone was suited up and ready to go, plunging into the fresh water, the swimmers made their way to the start line. There was an obvious buzz of excitement in the air as they all anxiously waited. Then the starting horn rang as the swimmers started their race.



Spectators cheered on their friends and spouses, kids held up signs for their parents, and dogs barked on their owners as they followed the swimmers along the riverbank.


Lifeguards on kayaks and paddleboards offered words of encouragements and support to the swimmers, spurring them onto the finish line.



Emerging from the water, the weary champions were rewarded with their own medal. Followed by hugs and congratulations by friends and family. Despite enduring a mile long swim in a river, these swimmers could not help but grin ear to ear.


Even if you're not a swimmer you could still soak up the excitement of the day. People relaxed on the grass and benches, soaking up the sun, snacking on picnics, watching the swimmers and playing games on the grass.


If this sounds like it could be right up your street then why not check out the other events for this year with Henley Swim or maybe make a plan to enter yourself next year!




Did you take part in the Henley Mile this year?