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How To Fit Swimming Goggles

Goggles are a tricky thing to get right, either they're too loose and they let water in, or they're too tight and they cause you irritation. To help you find your perfect fit, here's a few top tips of how to make sure your next pair of goggles are the right ones for you...  



The Seal

To test the seal of a google, put the goggles over your eyes, without putting the strap over your head. Gently press the goggle onto your eyes and if they suction to your face for a few seconds this means the goggles are a perfect fit and you have a good seal. They will pop off after a few seconds as you aren't using the strap. If they pop off too easily without suctioning for very long this means that the goggles may be too big for you, and they will let water in. Keep testing different goggles to see which ones give you enough suction until you find a pair that suit you.  



The Strap

The strap is to keep the goggle in place, not to provide the seal. The strap should not be tightened so much that it makes the goggles uncomfortable or leave marks around your eyes. When wearing a split strap, make sure the bottom strap is at eye level at the back of your head and the top strap is just a little bit higher. This will give a secure fit and prevent the goggle from leaking or falling off when diving into the water.  



The Nose Bridge

Some swim goggles have adjustable nose bridges, while some others have fixed bridges. With an adjustable nose bridge you can often tighten it or loosen it to suit your face shape.    



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