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How To Get Into Synchronised Swimming


Have you ever watched a synchronised swimming routine and wondered how they do it? Perhaps you want to try it out for yourself but don’t know where to start? Here’s all you need to know about synchronised swimming, and how to get into it.



What, why and how?

Synchronised swimming, or synchro, consists of a team of synchronised swimmers performing a dance routine mostly underwater. The team is required to perform perfectly in sync, while using their bodies to create shapes through different flips, lifts, turns and kicks.


Credit where credit is due. Don’t you think?


This sport should not be overlooked, it requires an insane amount of skill, strength and balance. But it is also a great way to combine fitness with fun.


I assume that because you are reading this blog post, you already have an interest in the sport. But if you are looking to challenge yourself and take up a new hobby, synchronised swimming could be for you and here’s a list of benefits to highlight why.



What are the benefits?

Synchronised swimming is a highly competitive sport, so you can bet the training routine reflects that. Synchro is also known as underwater gymnastics because of the strength and flexibility required to perform routines. This fun and energetic sport will increase your strength, not only in your core but throughout your body to perform the technical manoeuvres required.


If you’re looking to ramp up your fitness levels, and are a water baby at heart, this could be the sport for you. During routines performers are expected to tread water while spending long periods of time underwater. Therefore, training exercises include long-distance running and weight training to increase lung capacity. So really, you can guarantee a full-body workout covering cardio, strength and balance all in one go.


The health benefits from synchronised swimming really are extraordinary. Your strength, endurance, rhythm, flexibility, swimming technique and lung capacity will all improve over time. You may also find that your body and mind are more in sync than ever, as a level of mental control is required to not only spend long periods of time underwater, but to also perform upside down!


A certain amount of flare and rhythm is definitely required to be a synchronised swimmer. So, if you enjoy dancing and have an interest in swimming, it could be the perfect sport for you!



How do I get involved?

There are lots of classes that run across the country designed to give you a taster of synchronised swimming. If you are looking to try before you buy, these classes will give you a good overview on what it would be like to take up synchro full time. Classes are open to all ages, just double check with your local club for specific dates and times. Due to the nature of the sport, having a background in gymnastics or dance is an advantage but it is no means compulsory.


If you are looking to compete at a high level, join a club as soon as you can. As long as you have a basic knowledge of swimming, own a swimming costume and cap, and have an interest in the sport, there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be able to join your local synchro club.




As with any new hobby it’s good to identify your personal goals:

How much time you can dedicate to synchronised swimming every week?

What are you looking to gain from it?


By setting achievable goals you’ll have a clear picture of what you want from your new hobby. Most clubs have competitive and recreational options, so you can be sure you’ll find the right club for you.




Find your local synchronised swimming club with Swim England. Ensure the club welcomes your age group, offers all of the aspects that are right for you, and jump right in!