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Introducing Ecolast™: Swimwear Made From Ocean Waste

Being Aussie, Zoggs love pretty much anything to do with the water (especially swimming in it!). They firmly believe the best way to fall in love with swimming is to make sure you have fun, and their new season of swimwear certainly reflects this thinking. Choc a bloc with bright colours, vibrant patterns, and supportive features, you can paddle, swim or sunbathe to your hearts content and their suits can keep up. After all, they’re made to stand up to the Australian sun, sea and swimming pools, so we're pretty sure they'll do the same anywhere else in the world!





This season, Zoggs have stepped up a lane. If swimwear that looks great and feels fantastic wasn’t enough, their Ecolast™ range is about to bring a whole new element to your poolside portfolio. Confused? Let us explain.

Outside the pool Zoggs are on a mission to reduce their impact as a business on the environment and help preserve our oceans for the future. That’s why their innovative Ecolast™ fabric is made primarily from abandoned fishing nets, carpets and industrial waste which are rescued from the oceans and landfill. This waste would otherwise potentially harm whales, sea turtles, dolphins and other marine life.



Ecolast™ is not only eco-friendly, but it’s also super soft, comfortable and offers superb shape retention. It’s even proven to be 15 times more resilient than standard swimwear fabrics so you can focus on what's important – enjoying your swim!






With a generous selection of Men’s, Women’s and Junior Ecolast™ swimwear, there’s no occasion that we don’t have you covered for:

Looking for a swimsuit that has heads turning as you make your way to the sun lounger? Well you’ll have no problems standing out from the crowd in the Horizon Piped Sprintback. This knockout swimsuit not only features an open sprintback for freedom of movement but also a full front lining and high leg for that perfect kick.




If it’s a little extra support and comfort you want, why not try one of our sportier suits such as the Monochrome Clipback? A high neckline and medium leg height provides style and coverage, whilst the open back allows for enhanced freedom of movement in the water so you can get your glide on.





Whatever your preference, each Ecolast™ suit comes with a splash of Zoggs’ easy-going Aussie charm and at Simply Swim we love it!

Ecolast™ swimwear is available to purchase now so why not take the plunge and join us in making waves!