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Jay Lelliott Top 3 Swim Training Aids

  I'm Jay Lelliott, European Bronze Medalist in the 400-metre freestyle. I'm here today with Simply Swim to talk about some Finis products. One of my favourite training tools would be the Axis Buoy. I like it because it's multi-use. Because it can clip in between the ankles and it can also be used as a standard pull buoy. So that's one of the factors that I really like about it. I like it for between the ankles because when it clips in it doesn't have any risk of falling out like a normal standard pull buoy would. And it also really helps with body realignment and it forces you to switch on your abs and it forces you to switch on your glutes to be able to stay in that line. My second training tool I've been a massive fan of is Agility Paddles. I really like them because they force you to think about the bend in your elbow, your high elbow position and how you're using your forearm when you use your palm to pull through the water. It also forces you to have a stronger upper body. When I started using them, my stroke count per length was about two strokes higher than what it is now. So I'm really, really grateful that I've gotten down to that. My third and final favourite training tool has got to be the Snorkel. The reason I really like the Snorkel is because it enables me to again, keep an eye on my high elbow position which is something that's really really crucial to my freestyle stroke as I'm a distance freestyler and that is the main emphasis of my stroke proposal. Those are my three favourite training tools. Thanks for watching. If you would like some more advice videos then head over to our YouTube Channel. And if you would like to check out some Finis products then head over to