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Keri-Anne Payne's Top 3 Tips for Open Water Swimming

  What are your top 3 tips for open water swimming? 1. So one of my top 3 tips would be that if you’re doing a open water swim and it’s a little chilly, I’d get in the water before you do your race, just so you can acclimatise yourself and acclimatise your body to the temperature of the water, and then get back out and do a bit of a land warm up and then you’ll be ready to do your race, you wont even feel the cold if it’s cold. 2. A second tip for me would be if your a little wary of a mass start, if you’re worried about being hit or getting swum over or something like that, stick to the sides of the pack or to the back of the pack as well, that’s quite an important thing if your worried about it, make sure you stick to the back, then you can go at your own pace. 3. And lastly for me, I love open water swimming because it’s about the freedom, it’s about coming to beautiful places like this, and being able to swim amazing lakes and amazing rivers, so for me its about the freedom, so thats what I love about it, so I would say find something you love about it, if it’s the freedom, if its the views, if it’s just the fact your swimming without a roof over your head, find something that you really enjoy about it. To swim with Keri-Anne this summer visit the  Swim Britain website.